Saturday, December 10, 2016

Turkey: Explosions in Istanbul result in 13 deaths with 20 injured.

(Istanbul) Two explosive devices (1 suicide) have been detonated around the area of Vodafone Arena, (home to Istanbul’s Beşiktaș football team) hours after a football match had finished.

The blasts aimed at causing mass casualties failed in part to the idiots targeting riot police who bore the brunt of the blast of a car bomb. Not much is known about the second blast which has been deemed to be the actions of a suicide bomber who uttered those immortal words 'Halal Snackbar' before blowing himself up in a nearby park.

Nigeria: Suicide bomber kills 57 in crowded market

(Madagali) The toll from a double suicide bombing in a marketplace in north-east Nigeria has risen to 57 dead and 177 wounded.

120 children are among those wounded when two women suicide bombers blew themselves up Friday at opposite ends of the market in the town of Madagali. Blame has been attributed to Boko Haram Islamic bigots. Since the military has dislodged the insurgents from towns and villages this year, they have been attacking soft targets which would explain an attack on a market, where normal people are simply going about their normal day to day business.

The irony here is Boko Haram claims to be fighting their bad fight in which to install Sharia law in Nigeria. Yet the fact remains that not only is the area where they are rife is in the Islamic half of Nigeria, but it has been run under Sharia law since 1999.

Yemen: Suicide bomber murders 45 people waiting to be paid

(Yemen) A suicide bomber on Saturday blew himself up inside an army base in the southern city of Aden, killing 45 soldiers and wounding another 50.

The bomber detonated a belt of explosives he was wearing amid hundreds of soldiers lining up to collect their salaries in the city’s Solban army base. The attack has been claimed by Al Qaeda based in Yemen.

UK: ISIS supporter Abdul Hamid jailed in UK

(London) 31-year-old Bangladeshi born Abdul Hamid has been jailed in the UK for being a racist bigot.

Abdul Hamid
It appears that Abdul thought was OK to berate Muslims who tried their best in which to assimilate into the UK:
“Moderate Muslims are really non-Muslims, pure sell-outs and traitors. When Sharia is implemented worldwide, moderate cockroaches will be smoked out, they will be exterminated, and incinerated.”
He objected to women having equality:
“Women, know you place and position”, and said. “No people will ever succeed who appoint a woman as their leader”.
And he hated living in a non-Islamic nation by referring to Western people as:
“evil, hypocrites, narcissists, arrogant, and devils”.
The authorities let him get away with the above, because as we all know rabid Islamist Muslims must be treated as victims. But when he started airing ISIS propaganda videos on Facebook even the ethical lattes drinkers at the home office and Scotland Yard said enough is enough and so they nicked (arrested) him.

In court, his brief cried out that Abdul was a victim and that he should be given a suspended sentence, but the judge, while accepting that Abdul was a sandwich short of a picnic, stated he had to send a message to the rest of the followers of the religion of peace in which to send the message that religious bigotry as mandated by the holy Koran is not acceptable.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Interlude: Ultravox - Astradyne

I was going through my old music collection and came across the album Vienna by Ultravox. The title track on the album is mesmerising, this is the stage version when the band got together 3 years ago. Even today, 36 years later, the album knocks spots off any of the crap which so called artists try to peddle as music.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

UK: Man opens shop called 'Really British' in leafy London suburb, liberals brand him a racist

(Muswell Hill) When Chris Ostwald hit on the idea of a shop which promoted Great Britain, he presumed he would be onto a good thing. However, since he opened a week ago, he has received a barrage of complaints from numerous ethical latte type idiots who have threatened to stage boycotts and organise protests over his goods which all celebrate the UK.

Yet the people complaining aren't black, brown or yellow, they are white British Liberals. In fact, one of his staff (Spanish female) has left due to the abuse she has received from the ethical latte crowd who object to anything sporting the British flag. Which is why Mr Ostwald has been forced to remove the Union flag from his store.

Is just shows how after years of political correctness our very British culture is deemed to be offensive. Maybe there lies the reason why so many people voted to leave the EU, as it was the first chance they had in which to stick two fingers up at the political elites who have no loyalty to the people (and country) they claim to represent.

UK: London Underground to get rid of 'Ladies and Gentlemen' during announcements

(London) The mayor of London has stated he is going to do away with the term 'ladies and gentlemen' after a transgender person complained that she was mocked during a phone call.

19-year-old he to she transsexual Aimee Challenor claimed that during a phone call to London Underground, regards her Oyster card, staff exclaimed that she didn't sound like a woman. That remark saw Aimee report a complaint to the London mayor about being mocked over her gender, and he in turn has decided that the only way forward is to make all announcements on the London Underground 'gender neutral' by getting rid of 'ladies and gentlemen' from any future announcements, and implement extra training for all staff. All because a transgender man to woman took offence at how somebody questioned her over the phone (yes, the phone) that she didn't sound like a woman.

Miss Challenor's complaint was brought up at the Greater London Authority by Green Party member Sian Berry, who stated that many people would welcome the removal of ‘ladies and gentlemen’ from announcements. She said:
‘Gender neutral announcements will make a difference not just to trans people but to everyone who thinks being greeted as ‘ladies and gentleman’ is out of date.’
Now, I have no problem with people locked in the wrong body, nor do I have any issue with homosexuals. Yet I do with petty little people who find offence at anything which impacts on us all.

Here is Miss Aimee Challenor on video bitching about the British government. If you were on the dog and bone and she claimed to be a woman, would you question that? I know I would. That isn't discrimination, nor is it mocking somebody, it's asking a valid question. Yet to the ethical latte brigade it's a hate crime. Pathetic.