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Iraq Situation Report: March 20-April 20, 2017

(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Iraq as of Thursday the 20th, April 2017:

Israel: Two sisters travelling from Gaza for Cancer treatment found with hidden explosives.

(Gaza) Two sisters from the Gaza Strip were caught red handed at the Erez crossing with explosive materials hidden inside tubes designated for cancer medicine.

The sisters had obtained a permit to cross into Israel so one of them could receive cancer treatment at an Israeli hospital, The explosive materials had been “sent by Hamas and it is believed that they were meant to be used to carry out attacks in Israel in the near future,” according to the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency. It is believed that the substances, which were discovered during a security check, were meant to be used in improvised explosive devices.

55 year old Basema Atallah, has gone for treatment of colorectal cancer in Jerusalem more than 10 times since last July and has never had a problem before. Her husband Ragheb Attlah said his wife was unaware that she may have been smuggling anything illegal into Israel.
"Someone asked them to take a bottle of medicine on their way for a patient there," he said. "The bottle was closed and they did not know what is inside. It seems there was something and this caused disruption,"

Ragheb Atallah said his wife was released and has been given permission again to go to the hospital, but her sister, 57-year-old Ibtessam Eid, remains in Israeli custody.

And to think, the do-gooders of this world deem Israel evil for actually manning its border with Gaza.

Afghanistan: Before and after MOAB pictures.

(Achin)  Post strike satellite photos have emerged of that MOAB strike the US carried out on the ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan last week.

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) - or, in military speak, Mother of All Bombs is a 30ft (9m), 21,600lb (9,800kg), GPS-guided munition that is dropped from the cargo doors of an MC-130 transport plane and detonates shortly before it hits the ground. The MOAB falls from the aircraft on a pallet, which is then tugged aside by a parachute allowing the weapon to glide down, stabilised and directed by four grid-like fins. Its principal effect is a massive blast wave - said to stretch for a mile in every direction - created by 18,000lb of TNT.

Russia: Police pick up brothers behind Metro bombing.

(Moscow) The Russian FSB have done a fine job of picking up the brothers behind the deadly St Petersberg Metro Bombing from 3 weeks back.   First to get picked up 3 days ago was 27 year old Abror Azimov who masterminded the attack and his older brother 29 year Akram who financed the attack was picked up yesterday

It is believed that Asimov trained the perpetrator of the bombing, Akbardzhon Dzhalilov, who left the explosive device in the train and was also killed in the explosion.

Akram , had no intention of getting caught , which is why when the FSB looked inside his bumbag/fanny pack they found a RGD-5 hand grenade for personal reasons. The grenade contains a 110-gram charge of TNT with an internal fragmentation liner that produces around 350 fragments and has a lethality radius of 25 metres (82 ft). It can inflict injuries (e.g. penetrating eye wounds) out to 15 metres (49 ft) from the site of detonation. Victims caught within 3 metres (10 ft) of the detonation site are almost certain to be killed or severely wounded.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017


 (ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Syria as of friday the 14th, April 2017:

U.S. President Donald Trump demonstrated a new willingness to use force against the regime after conducting cruise missile strike targeting the Shayrat Airbase in Central Syria on April 6. The strikes came in response to the regime’s use of sarin gas against the opposition-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in Northern Syria on April 4 that marked one of its deadliest chemical weapons attacks since the 2013 Sarin Attacks in Damascus. The U.S. attempted to leverage its limited strikes against the regime to force Russia to reveal the extent of its commitment to Iran and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Kremlin rejected calls to distance itself from Assad after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 13. Russia also vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution outlining an investigation into the regime’s culpability for chemical weapons attacks. The White House nonetheless also messaged continuity in its military stance towards the Syrian Civil War. Tillerson noted in an interview on April 11 that the “first priority” remains the defeat of ISIS in Syria and warned against “violent regime change” similar to Libya. U.S. Secretary of Defence James Mattis also stated that the “military policy in Syria has not changed” and stressed that the “rest of the campaign stays on track…exactly as it was before” the chemical weapons attack.

France: Policeman shot dead

(Paris) Three Police officers were shot tonight in the centre of Paris  with one killed and the other 2 wounded by a gunman on the Champs Elysees.

Pierre-Henry Brandet of the French interior ministry said the attacker had driven up to the site of the attack by car. He got out of the car and used an automatic weapon to fire on a police van. The attacker killed one police officer and seriously wounded two other officers. He tried to fire at others as he ran off before being shot dead by police.

The gunman has been identified as 39-year-old, Karim  Cheurfi who used the alias 'Abu Yousuf the Belgian'. He was convicted for a 2001 shooting which left two police officers seriously injured, according to reports, and was given a 20 year jail term in 2003. It appears he was released early.

Thailand: 2 Terrorists blow themselves up during a night of attacks

(Bangkok)  Southern Thailand suffered 13 terrorist attacks last night, injuring 8 people which targeted police stations and checkpoints in 12 separate districts in Muslim-majority provinces in Thailand's deep south. The night also saw 2 terrorists blow themselves up whilst they took part in the above.

Buddhist Thailand has been in the grip of a Islamic separatist insurgency for years. Around 7,000 people have been killed since the conflict flared in 2004. The terrorists regularly carry out bombings and drive-by shootings of civilians and officials. Their aim is to cede the southern Muslimmajority south from Thailand and form their own Islamic state. Funny enough they demand that Islamic neighbour ‘Malaysia’ is allowed to act as guarantor.

It was the second major set of coordinated attacks in two weeks. On April 7, terrorists set off dozens of bombs in southern Thailand, bringing down power lines and setting tires on fire to block roads, but causing no deaths or injuries. The spike in violence appears to be in response to the Thai government's rejection of a conditional offer for peace talks made this month by the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) which isn’t even involved in the peace talks with the Thai Government. 

Egypt: Days after terror attack, 19 terrorists taken out in Air-strike.

(Cairo) After an attack on a checkpoint that killed a policeman near south Sinai's Saint Catherine's Monastery earlier this week. The Egyptian authorities have stated that in follow up operations they have killed 19 Islamic terrorists in air-strikes across the Sinai.

After an attack on a checkpoint that killed a policeman near south Sinai's Saint Catherine's Monastery earlier this week. The Egyptian authorities have stated that in follow up operations they have killed 19 Islamic terrorists in air-strikes across the Sinai.

The operations in conjunction with heightened security before the Pope visits Egypt next week come after a spate of Islamist violence targeting Egypt's Christian minority in recent months, the most serious being the attacks on Churches on Easter Friday which saw over 40 people murdered.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kori Ali Muhammad shouts "Allahu Akbar!" and kills 3 white people "solely based on race"

(Fox News) Police said the man who killed three people on a shooting spree in downtown Fresno California, on Tuesday while shouting "Allahu Akbar" wanted to kill as many people as possible after a warrant was released for his arrest in the murder of a motel security guard last week.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, knew he was being searched for and he "decided he was going to kill more people."

According to Dyer, Muhammad surrendered to officers at the scene and told police "you guys are looking for me."

Police do not think the shooting spree was tied to terrorism and was "solely based on race" as all the victims were white males.

Muhammad went by the nickname "Black Jesus" and has made posts against white people and the government on his Facebook page.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Afghanistan: Partial Threat Assessment: November 23, 2016 - March 15, 2017

(ISW) The U.S. faces pressure from Russia as well as militant groups that seek to undermine the U.S. and NATO missions in Afghanistan during spring and summer 2017. The ANSF faces readiness gaps that will expose multiple provincial capitals to recurrent attacks by the Taliban and escalating attacks in Kabul by multiple groups, including ISIS. These threats will compound the difficulty the ANSF already faces in holding territory recaptured from Taliban forces in 2016. Russia meanwhile will attempt to thwart the U.S. and NATO by brokering peace talks with the Taliban that increasingly incorporate competing international power centres, such as China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The Taliban set conditions during the winter phase of its yearlong campaign, Operation Omari, to target provincial capitals during its upcoming spring 2017 offensive. Taliban militants attacked security posts and district centres near the provincial capitals of Helmand, Kunduz, and Uruzgan provinces over the reporting period, indicating their intent to attack these cities during their upcoming spring 2017 offensive when they announce it in April 2017. Taliban militants had also launched simultaneous attacks on the same three cities, as well as the provincial capital of Farah Province, in October 2016. Taliban militants attacked four district centers in Helmand in January and February 2017 to weaken security forces and gain territory to stage attacks against Lashkar Gah city. Taliban militants also launched several attacks against security posts on the outskirts of Tarin Kot city, the provincial capital of Uruzgan province in January and February. Taliban militants also attacked ANA bases in Baghlan-e Jadid District in Baghlan Province in March 2017 in an attempt to gain control of the ground line of communication (GLOC) that the ANSF uses to send reinforcements to Kunduz City from Kabul. These attacks indicate that the Taliban intends to launch ground campaigns against Lashkar Gah, Tarin Kot, and Kunduz cities during the upcoming spring offensive.

ISIS Wilayat Khorasan took advantage of ungoverned and remote spaces in northwest Afghanistan to expand its territory. ISIS expanded beyond its stronghold in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan and established a base to receive and train foreign fighters in northwest Afghanistan. Uzbek militants fighting with ISIS in Jowzjan province exerted social control by destroying Sufi shrines, burning civilian homes, and erecting prisons in early 2017. ISIS deployed recruiters from Zabul province to set up a training camp in Nimroz province in early 2017. ISIS will prioritize expanding its control in Afghanistan as it faces the loss of its capital cities in Syria and Iraq in 2017. ISIS will also attack Afghan state institutions directly. ISIS launched a complex attack against the ANSF national military hospital in Kabul on March 8, 2017. The attack demonstrated an increase in capability, insider access, and the transfer of techniques from other groups in the area or from ISIS’s core terrain.

ANSF force regeneration is not on track to match the Taliban’s spring offensives. The ANSF failed to secure large swaths of territory from Taliban militants during the winter phase of its own counter-offensive campaign, Operation Shafaq. The majority of its holding forces are insufficiently trained and under-equipped, requiring additional support from Afghan Special Security Forces. Taliban militants targeted southern and northern districts during the winter phase of Operation Omari while the ANSF conducted anti-ISIS operations in the East. The ANSF continues to struggle with high casualties and attrition despite ongoing U.S.-led force regeneration efforts. Recruitment generally keeps pace with these losses, but it is insufficient to build the force necessary to clear and hold territory from Taliban militants. The Afghan Air Force’s (AAF) capabilities are steadily increasing, but its airframes are in “dire condition” due to high operational tempo and compromised helicopter maintenance due to sanctions on Russian equipment. Russia will attempt to leverage this weakness to insert itself in Afghanistan’s security sector on its own terms. The Taliban will likely capitalize on the ANSF’s readiness gaps by launching simultaneous offensives in separate regions during its spring offensive in order to stretch and weaken the ANSF to a breaking point.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Turkey:Four brothers murder their 35 year old sisiter for ‘hanging around with men’

(Ankara)  When the body of 35 year old mother of two Özlem Aykutluğ, was found on the road between Istanbul and Ankara after having been shot six times in Feb. Homicide police came to the conclusion that it bore all the hallmarks of an honour killing and so decided to focus their investigation on her family in the eastern province of Kars. They worked out that the decision to kill her was made by her family, when it was revealed she had been brought to Ankara two days before the killing. 

The police picked up her four brothers: Ersin, 37, Erol, 32, Ferhat, 25 and Yasin, 29  and they confessed to the murder. It transpired that the brothers told their sister Aykutluğ they were going to Istanbul by car, and they killed her whilst on the road to Istanbul from Ankara. Apparently Aykutluğ understood that she was about to be murdered and told her brothers to protect her children.
“I know you are going to kill me. I beg you to protect my children and not abandon them"
The brothers revealed Aykutluğ was “hanging around with men and everyone in the village was talking about it.”
“She put a slur on our family’s honor. We cleaned our honour and we don’t regret it,” 
Way to go idiots killing your own, because of what you presumed other people are thinking.

Pakistan: Rampaging Mob murder University Student because they thought he was an Ahmadiyya Muslim

(Pakistan) They say that Universities are a forum for all ideas So when students at Abdul Wali Khan University  became aware of rumours that two of their fellow peers could be Ahmadiyya Muslims. ( a persecuted Islamic sect) instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, they did what Muslims do the world over when something crops up that their single brain cells cannot comprehend or accept. They marched on the 2 students. On finding the first one they made him recite passages from the Koran in which to clarify to them all that he was actually a real Muslim (to them Sunni)  this Abdullah did, but as this didn’t sate the Mobs anger they decided to beat him for his troubles. Thankfully for Abdullah the Police had been informed and they rescued him in the nick of time.  Unfortunately for the next victim the 20 policemen sent to the University were unable to contain the roughly 4000 bigots who formed that mob.

Angry at been thwarted, the raging mob marched into the student residence found 23 year old Mohammad Mashal and beat him to death, not only that, but for one of the religious bigots getting beaten up by a mob wasn’t good enough for poor marshal so for good measure they shot him dead in which to make sure. So in a nutshell a poor young man was murdered by a mass mob because of a f-ing rumour.

And people keep trying to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace 

Germany: 3 Bombs target Dortmund Football team, police arrest Islamist.

(Dortmund)  On Tuesday, German Football team Borussia Dortmund were supposed to play Monaco in a champions league match (Champions League is where all the best clubs in Europe hash it out to see who is nbr 1)  As the Team bus departed the hotel , 3 blasts bracketed the bus,  thankfully nobody was seriously injured (I team player suffered a broken arm and a policeman was slightly injured). Investigations found somebody had laid 3 remote control pipe bombs at a junction leading away from the teams hotel .

A note left behind stated that the attack had been carried out “in the name of Allah the gracious, the merciful one”. It made reference to the Christmas market attack and accused German fighter jets in operation in Syria of involvement in killing Muslims in the Islamic State caliphate. It also called for the closure of the US base at Ramstein in western Germany.
Within hours the German police had arrested a 25 year old Iraqi islamist with and are currently searching for his partner in crime. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Uk: 27 men and two women in court over child abuse

(Huddersfield)  For years anybody who dared report that their daughters were being groomed and raped by Muslims, were pillared by the ethical latte crowd and then silenced by playing the 'racist' card. Safe in the knowledge that they could continue without punishment, Islamic rape gangs flourished across the Land. That is until the Times Newspaper did an expose on the City of Rotherham where it was found that over 1400 young girls had been raped by said 'Islamic' rape gangs between 1997-2013.

With the revelation that the Police themselves were complicit  in taking no action over these rape gangs, other police forces across the land started retrospectively looking into historical allegations of child rape which  for some reason or other they just happened to place in the pending file.  Since then the UK has borne witness to a shed full of court cases where Islamic rape gangs have been arrested ,charged and jailed for past sexual indiscretions towards little white girls usually under the age of 16. (The age of legal sexual consent)   Well today saw yet another gang of paedophiles grace the UK judicial system when 27 men and 2 women had their day in court :

Irfan Ahmed, 32, of Huddersfield. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x6), sexual touching, taking indecent images of a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Niaz Ahmed , 53, of Huddersfield. He is charged with inciting a child into sexual activity and sexual touching (x2).

Mohammed Asaf Akram , 31, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape (x7), trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3), child abduction, supply of Class B drugs, sexual touching and threats to kill.

Mansoor Akhtar , 25, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape, attempted rape and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x2).

Mohammed Rizwan Aslam , 29, of Huddersfield. He is charged with two counts of rape.

Asif Bashir, 32, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape (x4) and attempted rape.

Raj Singh Barsran , 33, of Huddersfield. He is charged with sexual touching (x2) and rape.

Amere Singh Dhaliwal , 34, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape (x21), supply of Class A drugs (x4), supply of Class B drugs, supply of controlled substances with intention to engage in sexual activity, trafficking female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x14), Incite a child to engage in sexual activity (x5), sexual assault by penetration, sexual touching (x3), possession of indecent images of a child (x3), racially aggravated assault and incite a child into prostitution.

Zahid Hassan , 28, of Huddersfield. He charged with trafficking a child within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x5), rape (x8), racially aggravated assault, supply of Class A drugs (x2), inciting a child into sexual activity, child abduction (x2) and attempted rape.

 Manzoor Hassan , 37, of Huddersfield. He is charged with supply of noxious substance with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve female, supply of Class A drugs (x2) and incite a child into prostitution.

Mohammed Kammer, 32, of Huddersfield. He is charged with two counts of rape.

Abdul Rehman Hanif , 29, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape, supply of Class A drugs, supply of Class B drugs (x2), supply of controlled substance with intent to engage in sexual activity, sexual touching and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.

Mohammad Nahman , 31, of Huddersfield. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, sexual touching, rape (x2).

Hamzha Ali Saleem, 37, of Manchester. He is charged with trafficking female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3).

Waqas Mahmood , 36, of Huddersfield. He is charged with 3 counts of rape.

Naveeda Habib , 38, of Huddersfield. She is charged with one count of child neglect.

Shahnaz Akhtar Malik , 55, of Huddersfield. She is charged with one count of child neglect.

Nasarat Hussain , 28, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape (x3), attempted rape and inciting a female to engage in sexual activity.

Sajid Hussain , 32, of Huddersfield. He is charged with facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, rape (x3) and inciting a child into sexual activity.

Zulwarnain Dogar , 29, of Huddersfield. He is charged with sexual touching and trafficking a female within UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.

Mohammad Ifraz , 28, of Huddersfield. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3), rape, false imprisonment, child abduction, taking indecent images of a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Faisal Nadeem , 30, of Huddersfield. He is charged with supply of Class A drugs, rape and possession of extreme pornography

Mohammad Azeem, 31, of Bradford. He is charged with three counts of rape.

Mohammad Imran Ibrar , 32, of Huddersfield. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, supply of Class B drugs.

Everton La Bastide , 50, of Huddersfield. He is charged with two counts of sexual touching.

Mohammed Saqib Raheel , 30, of Dudley. He is charged with child abduction and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

France: Out of spite Afghans destroy their own camp

(Dunkirk) A French camp built to house 1500 people was burnt down over night after the Afghan population decided to have a knife fight with the Kurdish population. 

It seems that the Afghans (newcomers to the camp) were upset how they had to sleep in communal kitchens whilst the Kurds slept in so called chalets. (Wooden huts by any other name)  So doing what ungrateful bastards do the world over, they attacked those they presumed were living it large at their expense and destroyed the entire camp, leaving said 1500 people homeless. Way to go arseholes.

Sweden: Terrorist truck driver denied request for a Sunni Muslim lawyer.

(Stockholm) 39 year old Rakhmat Akilov realluy is taking the piss when he sacked his  state-appointed lawyer and said he wanted to be defended by a Sunni Muslim”. It appears dick-splash had argued that “only a lawyer of this faith could assert his interests in the best way”. However the judge Malou Lindblom was having none of this PC religious claptrap and dismissed the request “for lack of sufficient reasons”.

Lebanon: 5 day Gunfight in Palestinian refugee camp sees 10 dead, 30 injured.

(Sidon) The death toll after five days of clashes in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon rose to 10 on Tuesday. Clashes erupted  late on Friday as Palestinian factions participating in a joint security force begun deploying throughout the area in the southern city of Sidon. They came under fire from a local Islamic extremist group , prompting clashes which have killed  10 people and wounded at least 30 more.

Established in 1948 Ein al-Hilweh, is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. It had a population of over 70,000 Palestinian refugees but that swelled to nearly 120,000, as a result of the influx of refugees escaping Syria . Ein al-Hilweh is home to multiple armed factions, and has been plagued by intermittent clashes between them as well as against smaller extremist groups. Lebanon’s army does not enter Palestinian refugee camps, where security is managed by joint committees of Palestinian factions.

US: United Airlines training video surfaces.

(US) When United Airlines found they had overbooked on a flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. They asked the passengers if anybody would like to catch the next flight, after nobody agreed to voluntarily give up their seats, airline representatives chose four passengers to leave the plane at random based on ticket class, frequent flier status and check-in time. And the following video clip is what transpired.

Oscar Munoz the CEO of United Airlines has said that employees "followed established procedures" in the above incident which saw a passenger dragged off an overbooked US domestic flight. In a letter to employees, Oscar Munoz said he was "upset to see and hear about what happened". But he said that the passenger had been "disruptive and belligerent".

Maybe its time United Airlines changed their crew training film :

Sunday, April 9, 2017

US: Marvel pulls comic artwork over hidden Koranic hate messages by Islamic artist.

(NY) Marvel comics have had to remove artwork of one of its Comic books X-Men Gold #1After it was revealed that its Indonesian artist Ardian Syaf inserted several hidden references to passages of the Koran and to Muslim protests against the Christian governor of Jakarta.

In the first Syaf inserted the numbers "5:51" on a top that Russian mutant Colossus is wearing while hitting a ball with a bat.

5.51 references a Koranic passage which reads: "O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

In the second the artist labelled a building “212" above new X-Men leader Kitty Pryde’s head (Her character is one of the most prominent Jewish heroes in Marvel Comic’s roster.) Also her hair blocks out part of the Jewellery sign in which to read 'Jew' . Also included is a man wearing a tee shirt with the nbr 51 (see above) with hos fists clenched. 

The number 212 is often used as a reference to the Muslim protest against the Christian governor of Jakarta on 2 December 2016, which the artist admitted on his Facebook page to draw inspiration from. Tjahaja, who was elected in 2014, is Jakarta’s first non-Muslim governor in 50 years (he’s Christian) and the first ethnic Chinese person to hold the position. He’s been relatively popular for his stance against corruption, including among the nation’s moderate Muslim population. However, some conservative Islamists, largely led by the Islamic Defenders Front (also known as FPI), have argued that the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation should not have a leader who isn’t Muslim. They tried to block Tjahaja from becoming governor on the basis of his faith, and they've been accused of committing vigilante acts against religious minorities since the group’s founding in 1999.

Marvel comics have released the following press statement:
“The mentioned artwork in X-Men Gold #1 was inserted without knowledge behind its reported meanings. These implied references do not reflect the views of the writer, editors or anyone else at Marvel and are in direct opposition of the inclusiveness of Marvel Comics and what the X-Men have stood for since their creation. This artwork will be removed from subsequent printings, digital versions, and trade paperbacks and disciplinary action is being taken.”

Australia: March for Syrian refugees sees usual suspects on parade.

(Sydney) Apparently they held a protest/march for the people of Syria displaced as refugees in Hyde park today.

Watching some of the video clips from the shin-dig appears that making a political statement against the US was the order of the day:

Somalia: Suicide blast kills 13

(MOGADISHU) A suicide bomb was today detonated outside military base in the Somalia capital killing 13 people. It seems that Al-Shabab had targeted a car containing 4 military officers, however they missed their intended target when the car turned off the road at the last minute and a minibus full of people instead took the full blunt of the blast,

So far 13 people have been reported to have been killed.

UK:Charity event Poster

(Bolton) In the North West of England Charity Human Aid today held a fundrasing event for the people of Syria. Here is the poster advertising their little shindig:

Notice anything about the poster which should have alarm bells ringing?

Egypt: Blasts at Churches kill 41 injure 50

(Tanta)  A couple of Coptic Christian churches across Egypt were targeted this morning as people flocked to celebrate ‘Palm Sunday’. In the city of Tanta 30 people were killed with another 78 injured at St George's Coptic church  when a bomb was detonated inside the Church

WATCH: Moment of blast in Egyptian church caught on live TV

The second blast happened at Saint Mark's Church in Manshiya in Alexandria which saw 11 people killed and 35 people injured.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nigeria: 2 female suicide bombers target mosque: injure 5

(MAIDUGURI) Two brainwashed young girls tried to gain access to a mosque in the north eastern part of Nigeria this morning. Thankfully the worshippers, noticed something wrong and prevented these young girls from entering the building during morning prayers. Foiled, tone of the girls blew herself up outside killing herself and  her partner in crime. 5 others were injured in the blast.

Palestinian TV: Viewers who use "beatings to solve marital problems" should obey Koran's "rules"

(West Bank) So many people in the West continue to push this POV that Islam affords equality to women, that they are actually treated better under the Koran and that actually Islamic women are afforded more rights than their Western counterparts.

Last Saturday (01/04/17), Palestinian Authority TV aired an episode of the series Talk of the Land where a female reporter instructed the audience to obey Koranic rules for beating wives.

Can you imagine the outcry if this video was sanctioned in the West?


(ISW) Pro-regime basing data accurate through March 21, 2017. Syria Control of Terrain data accurate through April 3, 2017.

Friday, April 7, 2017

UK: The lunacy of the left.

(London) On hearing that President Trump had launched a missile attack on the airfield were the aircraft which dropped chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhoun,  Stop the War that leftwing pro terrorist outfit decided to protest outside Downing St in London in which to express their displeasure. During their vocal demonstration Syrian refugee  Hassan Akkad questioned the absence of “a single placard or slogan” condemning Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Here is how stop the War replied.

Funny enough the last chairman of the group and today the leader of the socialist Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn expressed his displeasure at how the US had attacked Syria . I wonder if his love for Hamas, Hezb-allah and Iran has anything to do with that statement, or could it be his admiration for President Assad himself whom he visited 8 years ago
Jeremy Corbyn at far left

He's also on record of saying that the UK should pull out of NATO and join up with Russia.

Nothing like card carrying socialists , who refuse to see the woods for the trees.

Sweden: 4 killed, 15 injured, in latest European truck attack

(Stockholm) In the latest of yet another Islamist vehicle attack on the streets of Europe, 3 men stole a beer lorry today in the Swedish capital and then proceeded to drive down a main shopping precinct, running people over, before crashing head-on into a department store. 4 people were killed andh another 15 injured. 2 of the men were arrested at the scene by armed police, with the third being arrested a few hours later. Strange how those who seek sanctuary in the West from religious intolerance recreate the intolerance they claim they sought safety from.

One of the arrests.

Interlude: The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

Thursday, April 6, 2017

US military has launched missiles aimed at Syria:

(Washington)  Yesterday the US expressed its distaste and possible response regards the chemical weapon attack on a town inside Syria by the Syrian Government. A government which apparently under UN supervision disposed of all its chemical weapons under Security Council Resolution 2118 of 27 September 2013 with a completion date of mid 2014.

Well this morning the U..S gave its response by launching dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles from the guided-missile destroyers USS Ross and the USS Porter in the eastern Mediterranean, which targeted the Shayrat airfield, where the US believes Tuesday's deadly attack was launched

President Trump's Press Conference regards this Missilestrike

Somalia:Roadside bomb kills 10

(Marka)  10 people have been killed in southern Somalia when the minibus they were travelling in ran over a landmine set by Islamic terrorists in which to target the military.  Another 10 were injured with only the driver walking away from the blast unhurt which transpired in the village of Golweyn  about 70 miles south of the capital.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BBC Journalist who cried when Arrafat died, blames Trump for Syrian Gas attack

(London) The BBC prides itself on being impartial, but over the past few years it has changed from reporting the plain basic news to that of a left wing schoolboy agenda. At the BBC black is now white and white is a dirty word. Jews and Americans are despised and the British people (Who pay for the BBC)  are openly hated. so it was no surprise when I came across the latest offering from the BBC over the terrible gas attack in Syria yesterday. According to the BBCs State Department correspondent, Barbara Plett this is simply another thing to pin onto President Trump.

Really, is that the best the BBC can come up with when it comes to reporting the news. Blame it all on Trump and they quote Senator John McCain and the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as the reason for pointing the finger at President Trump. Even the leftwing Guardian  doesn't stoop so bloody low as terrorist loving Barbara Plett instead they report the news as they should. Regards that terrorist loving bit. in 2004, the BBCs West bank correspondent had this to say when Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was taken to Hospital shortly before his death:
Yet when the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry... without warning.
 Really and so many people still feel the BBC is impartial.

Germany: 1/4 Million refugees allowed to bring families in

(Berlin)   The German Media has exposed a until now hidden document which reveals that around 268,000 Syrian refugees currently residing inside Germany have won the right to bring their families along.

In 2016, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 745,545 persons applied for asylum. 

Somalia: Car bomb explosion leaves 7 killed, 10 injured

(Mogadishu)  A car bomb was detonated outside a coffeshop in the Somalia capital presumably because Islamic terrorist group Al Shabab deems drinking coffee at lunchtime as a mortal sin.  The blast murdered 7 of the shops customers .

Turkey: Next phase of Euphrates Shield operation to include Iraq

(Ankara) Operation Euphrates Shield was launched last August by the Turks in tackle ISIS after they detonated a bomb at a Kurdish wedding inside Turkey. The thing is whilst the Turks said they were targeting ISIS, they actually meant the Kurds. In fact there is strong evidence that a large number of ISIS thugs shaved off their beards and joined the Turkish irregulars .

Map of the Euphrates Shield Operation, 22 February 2017 (Area in Green is Turkish Occupied Syria)

Anyway Turkey declared mission accomplished last week after taking a year to advance around 30 Kms. The fact that thy made a huge dogsdinner over it, lost a huge amount of military assets, they still claimed it was successful. (The Kurds with no armour, a much smaller logistical chain have cleared so much more land of ISIS)

Well the today Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has stated that he is now looking at launching Operation Euphrates Shield part 2 and that it will include an offensive inside..Iraq.

“A future operation will have “not [only] a Syrian dimension, [but] also an Iraqi dimension. There are the Tal Afar and Sinjar situations [in Iraq]. We also have kin in Mosul,”
The thing is ISIS, is virtually finished inside northern Iraq. Their last redoubt in the country (Mosul) is on the verge of being wiped out. So just whom does the small minded pocket dictator see as the enemy inside ‘Iraq’?

It appears that so desperate is Erdogan on winning this months Turkish referendum, (which will make him dictator for life) that he openly panders to the nationalist vote by saying that Turks inside another country are crying out for their help.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Something rotten in the state of Sweden

(Sweden) The other month the do-gooders of the world went ape after President Trump stated the following:

"You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible,"

Here's a  few news stories from this peaceful beautiful country from this week:

On the 20th March Police were called to an asylum centre in Stockholm Sweden after it was reported an asylum seeker was setting fire to things.  3 policewomen were despatched to the scene. As you can see , the culprit was apprehended rather quickly. (Not)

A Islamic religious school has defended itself after a TV reported revealed how young children were filmed being separated by gender on a school bus, As part of a documentary, Swedish broadcaster TV4 filmed secret footage of the privately-run but publically funded Al-Azhar Primary School in Stockholm where boys are seen entering a bus from the front and girls from the back. Aged between six and ten, the pupils take the school bus in the mornings and evenings to go to and from school in the neighbourhood of Vällingby, north-west of Stockholm. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told reporters:
"It does not belong in Sweden" to have primary schools dividing children, aged between 6 and 10, by gender."
The school's vice principal said it had no intention of separating the children by gender.

"This is not something that has been known or sanctioned by school management. Both the principal and I note, after seeing the video, that it has happened, but it is of course nothing we support,"

Yesterday the Swedish discrimination ombudsman sued a company after a Muslim woman's job interview was cut short , when she made it known she would refuse to shake the hand of any male she would happen to meet in the course of her employment. She wasn't happy and she sued and guess what, she won $9000 for her hurt feelings.

A court in Karlstad Sweden has awarded damages to the mother of a 5 month old infant who was killed (presumably by one of the parents) after the prosecution couldn't decide which one of them killed the baby boy. Last June, a 5 month old infant was received and died at Karlstad hospital suffering from severe head injuries . The doctors called the police and the 26 year old Somali mother was arrested on suspicion of murder, the child’s 20 year old father was later picked up. 

Each gave a different account of how the baby came to be injured (He said she did it, she said he did) and this week as the courts were unable to pin the death of the child they were both allowed to walk free. As this is Sweden, the courts have awarded damages of almost $18K to the mother for hurt feelings over the ordeal of having to attend court. The lawyer for the father has already stated he is going to try and get the same for his client.

Finally,on March 1st, a ban on wearing masks in the stands at Swedish football stadiums came into force. This was brought in to combat violent behaviour such as this at football matches. 

Exceptions were made for people in the line of duty like police, or people who cover their face for religious reasons. So now all these violent football fans have taken to wearing the Niqab.

Syria: Chemical weapons used on a rebel held town

(Syria) Today banned chemical weapons were used via an airstrike on the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun currently situated in the rebel held part of north Hama. Here is a quick run up on what was (and still is) happening in the area which may help explain why somebody used such a weapon.

On the 21st of March a united force of around  17 rebels groups led by Failaq al-Sham commander Fadullah Naji and Al-Qaeda chief Abu Mohammad al-Julani (Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham leader) launched a military offensive against the town of Hama  and swiftly  captured a swathe of land. The Syrians, backed by Russia,Iran and Hezb-allah responded by flooding the area with troops , which have been supported from the air in which to stem and then take the fight back to the rebels.

The following videos fully explain the state of affairs in the region

With the rebels now on the back foot an airstrike was made on the town of Khan Sheikhun (About 22 miles from Hama) using banned chemical weapons, killing at least 60 people and injuring at least another 100 more. At this moment in time nobody is owning up to the use of chemical (Choking agent?) weapons , but seeing as how Syria (And its friends) are on the move, how all of them have huge stocks of banned chemical weapons (Kind of explains why Israel issued gas masks in 2013 after it was feared the US was going to hit Syria ) it isn't hard to see who was behind this outrage,.The videos coming out of Khan Sheikhun are quite harrowing (And I mean harrowing) so here's a sanitised BBC report.

Turkey: Pocket Dictator Erdogan: "Pull down Iraqi Kurdish flag in Kirkuk or pay a heavy price"

(Ankara)  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to abandon its claims over the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, stressing that ties between Ankara and Arbil could be damaged if it insists on efforts to annex the multi-ethnic city.

Erdoğan urged the KRG to take down its flags in the Kirkuk as the city belongs to Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds.:
“You should immediately remove your flags. Otherwise you will pay a heavy price,”
Just another day of peaceful negotiation from the Islamist leader of the Islamic country liberals hold up as the perfect example of a peaceful Islamic country.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Israel: Haredim IDF soldier rescued by Police from.....Haredim Crowd.

(Jerusalem) A ultra-Orthodox Haredim serving with the IDF had to be rescued from a shop in the Mea Shearim neighbourhood in Jerusalem after he was set upon verbally by a crowd of ultra-Orthodox Haredim. His own people.  Follow the link for the video of the screaming and baying crowd.

Haredi soldie being rescued by Police
On being rescued the soldier refused to press charges. Yesterday The ‘Jerusalem faction’ of the Lithuanian Orthodox Haredi sect threatened yesterday to cause major disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport, in yet another attempt to resist the mandatory conscription of its adherents into the IDF. The extreme minority faction, whose methods are largely rejected by the mainstream Haredim community, announced plans to intensify tactics to counter the arrest of yeshiva students who refuse to draft into the military.

Boy ,how we all laughed at Monty Pythons ‘Life of Brian’ and the People's Front of Judea suicide squad skit and with the Hardim we find it is actually fact and not fiction. F-ing idiots.

Germany: Muslims Bully Jewish child out of School.

(Berlin) A British Jewish family living in Berlin has pulled their teenage son from a state school after nearly four months of anti-Semitic harassment, both verbal and physical. The mother said she been attracted to the school, Friedenauer Gemeinschaftsschule, which has a large proportion of Arab and Turkish children, by the fact it was so multicultural.

She said it had never occurred to the child to deny his Jewishness, and one day he mentioned it to his classmates .One of them responded:
“Listen, you are a cool dude but I can’t be friends with you, Jews are all murderers.”
The verbal abuse escalated to physical violence, until earlier this month, “when he was attacked and almost strangled, and a student pulled a toy gun on him that looked like a real gun. And the whole crowd of kids laughed. He was completely shaken.

The mother spoke to the principal, Uwe Runkel, about introducing an organisation to the school that could work with children to educate them about anti-Semitic, Islamophobia and other forms of xenophobia. Her in-laws, who are Holocaust survivors, were allowed to talk to the pupils there. However after the child was assaulted outside the school at a bus stop the mother decided there and then that she was not sending him to this school any more”.  On the school website, the Headmaster expresses his shock at this first instant of racism at the school and the loss of such an outstanding student.

So much for ‘Islamophobia’ and less of an outcry than any silly little girl who lied about receiving a funny look for wearing the hijab.